Monday, December 24, 2007

Felize Navidad!!

Happy holidays to all. We hear our hometown is having a white Christmas...we are having sunny weather, quiet days and no rain.

Belize goes on holiday for about three weeks during this time. There are a few ambitious cabaneros out there on this eve for the last minute shoppers. But we are not missing the insanity of the 'Malls'. The project we are working on is a bit behind and some people will be working later this week but no one works the 25th or 26th. We will be spending 2 quiet days lounging at the thatch. We know we will be missing the green and the quiet of the bush.

We are coming closer to having permanent living quarters. At first it seemed like it wouldn't happen - now we have three choices. The one we like the best is centrally located in the town - a little busier area but a cute Caribbean green bungalow, with a FLUSHER! It's not on the water but close enough to take the bikes down each morning to swim in the sea.

Our best present was talking by phone with our children yesterday, Uriah had to conference from Bend due to being snowbound. Karey got a present. A rare siting of a jaguar on her way to a distant village. Even the Belizians she was with were amazed and other locals are jealous.

That's all for now folks.

Much Merriness, Happiness and Love,