Monday, October 29, 2007


Our address has changed again...

Michael and Karey Manley
Peace Corps
San Marcos
Toledo District
Central America

Mostly needed - Emergen-C and M&M's :-)'s that simple!

Also, if you have it in your holiday spirit to send an inexpensive chess set to us it would be greatly appreciated. There is an initiative to start chess clubs in the village schools to provide activity, focus and challenging strategizing for the Toledo youth. This project in the north of Belize has had great success.

The resources for the Toledo youth have been very scant compared to the north of Belize. TOLCA (Toledo Children and Adolescents) is a consortium to get equal benefits for the children in the south. With the changing of modern times - the Toledo youth need to learn focus and direction. Without a long explanation of the life of youth down here....chess has proved a great learning and strategy tool for youth here.'ve heard enough blah blah blogging from us the past couple of days.

Happy Halloween (they do celebrate it here)