Friday, August 10, 2007


We have just met our Peace Corps counterparts from the village we will be living in. We met the village chairman and the alcalde.

Village politics:

There is a village council
Village Chairman
Vice Chairman
Village Secretary
Vice Secretary
Village Treasurer
Vice Treasurer

These people handle all the non-judicial issues of the village.

Deputy Alcalde
3-4 policeman

These folks handle all the judicial issues...fights..."thieving"...etc. If it is very serious the erroring parties are sent to P.G. to jail/court.

There is a village waterboard that takes care of the village water supply if there is one.

These entities are not always functional but good news!!!

We will have running water and electricity in our new village. We don't know if it will be all working all the time...but it will be a first for us since we have come to Belize. We are very hopeful!!

In our current village the rains last weekend raised the river almost 15 feet. Even the spring was flooded out and muddy. Since the waterboard at this village is dysfunctional the whole village was without any clean water for several days. Fortunately, the spring became clear within a couple days and we were at least able to get a river bath and some laundry done. The PC is great about supplying us with drinking water. It does however, suck to be without water.

We will be leaving this village next Thursday and despite the hassles we will greatly miss our family. There have been nightly card games with them and the other volunteers. All quite fun. Had a visitor last nite....SNAKE (c'anchi) coming up the wall in our abode. Long and skinny...never saw the end of him before he went back to his hiding place. He was searching for pelpels (frogs). All is well...never saw him again. We have been lucky on that front...everyone else has had rats(cho'), scorpions (xooc) and turantulas (??? can't remember).

Signing off...we are getting a gourmet vegetarian meal tonite compliments of the PC. Can't miss it.

Anyone wanting to send some CUTTER's ADVANCED down to us we would be most grateful. If we had 20 - 25 bottles of it - it wouldn't be too much.

Flush a toilet for us!

howan chic