Thursday, July 19, 2007


Just a quick note to let you know we are doing well and sweating away a few pounds but we manage to find a sweet treat now and then.

We have taken two trips to Punta Gorda for training purposes. The health department met with us and today we will be meeting with NGO groups and TOLCA - Toledo Children and Adolescent group. Their aims are high and ambitious and they are asking for PC assistance for sustainable living assistance for the families and children with needs.

Many here live without flush toilets, drinking water etc. The infant mortality rate is higher in this area, prenatal care & post natal care is very scarce. We see many children running around with pink eye, coughs, and little to wear. The are quite a delight in their being - and very curious. We can barely swim/bathe in the nima (river) without a couple at our elbows. The play and frolic with such delight.

Our diets are lacking quite a bit in the basic food departments. Sometimes a meal is a tortilla and a chicken wing or a tortilla and a bit of salsa....or a tortilla and broth with a chicken wing. We are finding that being grateful we are eating is the best way to look at it. The PC just sent down some fruits and veggies and we are all ravenous for them. They are taking steps to make it a bit better. They do take great care of us.

The scenery from our village is so beautiful. We look out over the Maya Mtns. thur the jungle from our school. We have a spring behind the school that is rather large that runs such pure water we even drink it without event! The river when it is high runs swiftly with the runoff from upstream. We are so grateful to have one spot with such wonderful ha' (water).

Have to sign off
WE LOVE the letters we have received in the mail. How we have all missed the written word.
Thanks so much
hugs to all